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Information Designer



Lay out complex information in a plain but pleasing format.

What does an Information Designer do?

Information Designers take complicated information and boil it down to usable chunks for the rest of us. The informational packet attached to the back of your ibuprofen bottle, the food pyramid printed on your Triscuit box, the car manual in your glove box, and even the websites you searched before heading out the door this morning were all designed by Information Designers.

The key to being a great Information Designer is understanding the desires of the customer. In other words, know your market.

What types of pictorial designs are appealing and informative? Is a graph, chart, or picture the most effective means of relaying the required information? What wording, font size, and layout will grab and hold the attention of the reader?

This position is found in a variety of industries. Pharmaceuticals, finance, direct marketing, or website design are just a few examples. Whether you’re creating a user’s manual for a lawn mower or designing a sign for the airport that directs travelers to the baggage claim, your job is to make information easy to access and understand.

Sometimes, the information is highly technical. Think about the details of a 401k statement. Every stock purchase and sale has myriad codes and abbreviations that would make most of us glaze over and run for a box of donuts. But after you’re through condensing it, we can sip coffee, nibble on a donut hole, and review the graphs and charts that quickly summarize our investments.

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