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Information Architect



Arrange web or software content in an attractive and user-friendly manner.

What does an Information Architect do?

An information architect is someone who structures information. You do this by organizing digital content, like that found on a website or in software, in a way that is easy to understand, process, and navigate.

Your goal as an information architect is to make digital space easy and pleasant to use. What this means in the day-to-day is that you translate technical programming into a user-friendly interface. This calls upon design principles, user-experience research, and technical ability. Specifically, this could be putting information in a graph instead of a chart, or redesigning how a web page is laid out.

In the bigger picture, it means bringing principles of design and structure into the digital space. You decide what information is important and how you can present that information in the best way.

This job could be perfect for you if you want to work with computers but are more concerned with order and beauty than development; however, be aware that it is a highly technical position. So if you are new to terms like wireframes and pipelines, then going for a programming, computer design, or user-interaction degree would be a great start in the field.

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