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Infographic Design Editor

Check whether infographics are successful in getting their message across.

What does an Infographic Design Editor do?

Simply defined, infographics uses pictures to relay information. Think of the sticker on the side of a ladder, showing a person skipping one rung and losing his balance. Imagine the web page displaying your favorite water park, complete with diagram labels. And the next time you’re on a plane, review the safety procedures in that manual you often ignore. These are just a few examples of how infographics weave their way into our lives every day.

An Infographic Design Editor works with Designers, reviewing their work once it’s complete. As an Infographic Design Editor, you look for several things, the most important being accuracy and effectiveness. An Infographic Design Editor also analyzes the intended audience, color choices, shapes, and layout. After all, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then it has to be just right.

Is the diagram, imagery, or artwork self-explanatory? Could any reader, regardless of what language they speak, understand the message? Is the information accurate and easy to understand? If the answer to any of these questions is no, then you work up solutions, and send the drawing back to the Designer for adjustments.

Infographics has been around a very long time. But with the advancement of technology, it’s being used in a variety of new venues. The internet now uses the idea on company websites, personal blogs, and encyclopedic web resources. Outside of the internet, you might edit pages for magazines, newspapers, or brochures.