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Inflated Ball Molder

Vulcanize plied ball carcasses using internal pressure molding presses.

What does an Inflated Ball Molder do?

Shapes completed footballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls, or vulcanizes plied ball carcasses, such as basketball carcasses, using internal pressure molding presses: Places ball or carcass in bottom half of heated molding press and inserts inflating stem in valve plug of workpiece. Closes and locks mold. Inflates workpiece to specified air pressure, removes inflating stem, and turns dial on timeclock to control heating cycle. Inserts deflating stem through hole in mold and into valve of ball or carcass after specified time and deflates workpiece to regulation playing pressure. Opens press, pulls out stem, and removes ball or carcass. May repair rejected balls for remolding. May mold plastic material to form bladderless inflatable balls, using heated curing ovens and molds.