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Infantry Weapons Crewmember

Deploy, position, fire, and maintain crew-served weapons.

What does an Infantry Weapons Crewmember do?

Deploys, positions, fires, and maintains crew-served weapons, such as recoilless rifle, tank destroying missile system, or light machine guns, during training or combat mission: Disassembles, cleans, and loads weapons and equipment for movement and use in combat. Designates location of gun, sector of fire, and targets. Computes firing data, aims, and fires weapons at fixed and moving targets, employing direct fire techniques. Assists superior in leading and directing personnel in combat missions, and during maneuvers or tactical problems. Fires weapons at enemy forces to support and assist other infantry units. Assists superior in coordinating fire and movement with that of other friendly units. Constructs and camouflages weapon positions and ground obstacles. Emplaces and arms, or disarms and removes mines used for local security. Protects weapons and equipment against attack from chemical warfare agents. Decontaminates weapons and equipment when exposed to chemical attack. Performs preventive maintenance, routine tests, and authorized minor repairs to weapons and equipment.