Industries Correctional Facility Superintendent

Manage vocational work programs in governmental correctional institutions.

What does an Industries Correctional Facility Superintendent do?

Directs and coordinates vocational work programs in governmental correctional institution: Confers with administrative and supervisory staff of prison to schedule work programs consistent with security regulations, maintenance needs, and established vocational policy. Interviews and assigns inmates to vocational rehabilitation programs or work details in conformity with their education, previous skills, and available facilities of institution. Plans production assignments to meet output requirements and vocational instruction schedule. Establishes production standards and plans layout according to capacity of equipment, qualifications of staff, and procurement specifications of customers for prison-made products. Inspects equipment and facilities to recommend maintenance and replacement of obsolete machinery. Inventories and requisitions supplies to maintain efficient production. May prepare design drawings for production, according to customer specifications. May negotiate with purchasers to conclude contracts for manufactured products. May evaluate adequacy of vocational instruction and recommend changes in established curriculum, policies, and standards.