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Industrial Waste Inspector

Make sure companies are disposing waste in safe ways.

What does an Industrial Waste Inspector do?

Industrial waste is anything (solid, liquid, or gas) that’s generated as a byproduct of production. It comes from manufacturing centers, factories, mills, and mines. As an Industrial Waste Inspector, you make sure that no matter where it comes from, the waste doesn’t end up somewhere it shouldn’t, like in the ground or a water system.

As the title suggests, the job of an Industrial Waste Inspector involves a lot of inspecting on a daily basis. When you’re an Industrial Waste Inspector, not only do you collect samples for inspection, but you also check up on the machinery used in waste removal. You check to make sure the equipment is in good working condition, is able to remove waste effectively, and does not contaminate the surrounding area.

When you take ground and water samples, the first thing you do is test them. You might test the samples yourself, or if the company you work for does not have testing capabilities, you might send it off to an independent lab. Once you get the results, you decide if the amount of toxins falls within national and state regulations. These regulations state how much and what type of waste can be released by companies. If you find a sample that fails your inspection, you tell the owners and Managers of the company responsible. Based on your recommendations, this company then has the duty to come up with plans for improvement in their processes.

In addition to your scheduled inspections, you test for illegal dumping of waste, and report any violations to authorities. You also look over future plans for the construction of waste lines.