Industrial Truck Mechanic

Repair and maintain electric, diesel, and gasoline industrial trucks.

What does an Industrial Truck Mechanic do?

Repairs and maintains electric, diesel, and gasoline industrial trucks, following manuals, and using handtools, power tools, and knowledge of electrical, power transmission, brake, and other automotive systems: Reads job order and observes and listens to truck in operation to determine malfunction and to plan work procedures. Installs new ignition systems, aligns front wheels, changes or recharges batteries, and replaces transmissions and other parts, using handtools. Overhauls gas or diesel engines, using mechanic’s handtools, welding equipment, standard charts, and hoists. Examines protective guards, loose bolts, and specified safety devices on trucks, and makes adjustments, using handtools. Lubricates moving parts and drives repaired truck to verify conformance to specifications. May fabricate special lifting or towing attachments, hydraulic systems, shields, or other devices according to blueprints or schematic drawings.