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Industrial Photographer



Photograph automated machines and factory workers hard at work.

What does an Industrial Photographer do?

Photography involves taking pictures of people, places, and things. But there’s so much more to it than just pointing and shooting. Each object or location requires the right amount of light, angle, zoom, and myriad other considerations to make the photo come out right. That’s why professional Photographers spend so much time practicing, and it’s also why many choose to specialize in one area of photography.

Industrial Photographers are one example of specialists. They focus on mastering shots involving workers, products, and manufacturing processes.

When you’re an Industrial Photographer, your work is seen in brochures, advertisements, and manuals. For example, you might take the pictures that are printed in a safety manual, user manual, or product manual. Or, your work could be posted on a billboard, newspaper ad, magazine cover, or other marketing materials.

Before the photos you take as an Industrial Photographer can grace the cover of Hydraulics and Pneumatics magazine, you must first get the shot. That means analyzing what the customer is looking for and setting up the photo shoot.

Perhaps you’re aiming to capture the sparks reflected on the mask of a Welder. Maybe you want to get the perfect shot of the oil drill lowering into the water. Or, your goal might be to create an image of an underground mining operation.

As you can tell, this job can take you to some interesting places. From the factory to the construction site to the shipping department, your knowledge of photography and industry offers much variety.

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