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Industrial Painter

Add color to large manufactured products like cars.

What does an Industrial Painter do?

Da Vinci might have been concerned with things like elusive smiles and Vitruvian men, but you-the Industrial Painter-are more concerned with smooth finishes and high build epoxies. You’re both Painters, but the difference lies in what you paint (and in-let’s be honest-skill level). As an Industrial Painter, you paint finished manufactured goods and assembled products. You can coat anything from metal toolboxes to car sidings.

But before you imagine yourself with a paintbrush and palette in hand, you should know that the job of an Industrial Painter is more along the lines of Graffiti Artist. You use special spray paint guns to quickly cover large areas of metal or plastic. The spray paint guns you work with are attached to paint containers either directly or through long hoses. How long you paint dictates which type of gun you use.

After you finish covering the product with one or two coats, you then spray on protective enamel. This topcoat usually speeds up the drying process, and seals in the work you did so it can’t chip or get smudged.

This job is not kind to your lungs, and safety is very important. The paint you use daily is intended to stick to a product for life, and is made up of some pretty strong chemicals. You’re required to wear a gas mask, eye covering, and full body suit to protect your skin. In fact, you’ll end up looking like some sort of all-white alien.