Industrial Hygienist

Evaluate the safety of factories.

What does an Industrial Hygienist do?

If you enjoy solving problems and helping people stay healthy, a career as an Industrial Hygienist may be perfect for you. As an Industrial Hygienist, you keep people safe while they do their job. You can work in a variety of settings, including manufacturing corporations, insurance companies, public health agencies, and consulting firms. No matter who employs you, though, your main goal as an Industrial Hygienist is to identify potential health threats in the workplace.

With your specialized training, you’re able to identify situations that may lead to illness or injury, and find ways to alleviate the problem. For instance, Factory Workers who build engine parts may be subjected to extreme temperatures. You quickly identify the potential for heat exhaustion, then you recommend a solution, such as frequent breaks for fluid.

You also monitor other indirect causes of illness, such as poor water or air quality and noise levels. Additionally, in work environments where potentially hazardous materials are used, you may test for chemicals in the ground soil surrounding the property.

A keen attention to detail is required for this position, as you’re responsible for tracking incident reports and completing regular safety evaluations. These reports are often submitted to the government for review as well.