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Industrial Gas Fitter

Install gas-heating units in industrial boilers.

What does an Industrial Gas Fitter do?

Installs gas-heating units in industrial boilers, and rebuilds firebox of coal-burning boilers to utilize gas, following blueprints and written specifications: Dismantles old firebox and removes obstructing boiler parts. Positions shoring to support boiler when portions of masonry supporting boiler must be removed. Installs or modifies metal structures inside firebox that support refractory lining, according to blueprints. Lays firebox [BRICKLAYER, FIREBRICK AND REFRACTORY TILE] and installs boiler parts previously removed. Installs required number of gas burners in firebox. Measures, cuts, threads, bends, and installs gas supply and feeder pipes between gas burners and previously installed gas meter [PIPE FITTER]. Installs air supply pipes between motor-blower and gas burners. Removes shoring, replaces masonry, and inspects all pipe joints and gas burners for leakage or incorrect installation.