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Industrial Engineering Technologist

Help make production more efficient.

What does an Industrial Engineering Technologist do?

Industrial Engineering Technologists home in on manufacturing and office processes. Typically, they work to implement new processes or equipment that helps streamline the input of supplies and output of consumer goods. In layman’s terms, that means they make the process faster, cheaper, more efficient, or easier on employees.

As an Industrial Engineering Technologist, you work with Industrial Engineering Technicians to install new production lines. That might require you to flex your supervisory muscles as you request studies about processes, employee practices, and costs.

On the other end of the spectrum, you communicate with the Engineers who created the blueprint in your hand. While the Industrial Engineer has sketched out a science- and math-based plan, it’s your job as the Industrial Engineering Technologist to turn that into something workable. That means you find out if employees are trained to perform the work, ask the Engineer to make appropriate adjustments, and evaluate whether wiring, space, and equipment needs are being met.

With a feasible plan, you direct the construction or renovation of the workspace. That might mean rearranging desks and installing a new computer system, or gutting a warehouse and building an entirely new production line. Whatever the task, you’re responsible for making sure it stays on schedule and is done in a safe and efficient manner.

Your job isn’t done once the last bolt is tightened, though, because you continue to follow up and evaluate how things are going. If you find problems down the road, you make adjustments to keep the process on track.