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Industrial Engineer



Think up new solutions to your company's production problems.

Salary Range

$68,550 - $106,970

Source: U.S. Department of Labor

What does an Industrial Engineer do?

An Industrial Engineer works in all specialized fields of engineering, focusing on more efficient ways to use time, energy, and resources. Because of this, your job as Industrial Engineer is one of the most versatile in the field of engineering.

The job of Engineer is the same whether you are a Mechanical Engineer, Structural Engineer, or Nuclear Engineer. In short, Engineer means that you design products, processes, or ideas that solve problems, improve lives, or use resources more effectively.

Because technology and ideas move so quickly in today’s world, there are Engineers that focus on very specific industries or types of products (like a Nuclear Engineer). Your job, as Industrial Engineer, however, crosses these industry lines and focuses on creating efficiency in every industry.

For example, you might work in a manufacturing plant, where you use your skills to design a machine that simplifies one portion of the process. Or you might work for an airport, figuring out how to make the repair process of de-ice machines more efficient and cost effective. In other words you might create a product from scratch, or find ways to improve an existing product.

You do this work through evaluating the product, and designing or implementing new technology. Usually this evaluation and design has to do with streamline a production process by creating a more effective workflow. Thus you work with people and machines, making sure all movements are geared towards efficiency.

The appeal of this position is the flexibility it offers. No two projects may ever mirror each other. A month spent reorganizing operations at a lumber mill might be followed by a two -year project creating a new television that uses one-third the energy of the traditional version. Whichever products you work on, you will need your strongest problem-solving skills coupled with your love for invention and an articulate, yet creative mind.

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