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Industrial Electrician



Wire and install electronic components in factories, plants, and mills.

What does an Industrial Electrician do?

The Industrial Electrician is one of the highest-paid workers in the field. That’s because as an Industrial Electrician, you’re highly trained at your job. What exactly is that job, you ask? Well, it still involves wires and circuits. But instead of toasters and ovens, you provide electricity to robots and machines.

As an Industrial Electrician, you generally work for a large company, such as a factory or manufacturing plant. In these places, automation is the name of the game. As automation advances, so does robotic equipment. This equipment completes repetitive tasks, powers the production line, and lifts heavy objects. Visualize the vast number of machines along an automobile assembly line, and you’ll get an idea of the potential opportunities in this field.

Your job is to test, repair, replace, and maintain the electronic components within this equipment. This often means working on-call hours in precarious positions or in dark, tight spaces.

You start with a diagram, or blueprint, of the machine. With the schematics in hand, you replace wires or circuits, weld components, or test fuses using special tools. Of course, safety is a major concern, but your training and attention to detail minimizes your risks.

Job retention in this field is generally high. Each facility has industry-specific or specialized equipment. If you’re proficient in this position, your employer understands that it is better to treat you right than to replace you with someone unfamiliar with the specialized knowledge.

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