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Industrial Ecologist



Reduce the negative impact of industries on nature.

What does an Industrial Ecologist do?

An Industrial Ecologist is a Scientist who studies three things: the environment, technology, and the economy. More specifically, as an Industrial Ecologist, you research the interaction between these three fields. The Industrial Ecologist’s field is an important field of study, and a fairly new one, too.

As the industrial world continues to explode, it becomes increasingly evident that industry impacts the environment in a variety of ways. Water, air, and soil are just a few resources affected by production facilities, modern travel, and energy consumption.

So, what can we do? We pay researchers like you to find solutions. You might focus on one area, such as recycling, emissions control, water pollution, or materials development. That means designing products to last longer, therefore reducing waste. It also involves reducing emissions from industrial plants, factories, and mills. This is done through air and water filtration systems that reduce the impact on the surrounding community. Additionally, you study the effect of industrial development on global warming, and work to design biodegradable products.

Whichever area of study you choose, the focus is the same. Through your efforts, we continue to get the services, products, and conveniences that we’ve become accustomed to, but produced in a way that is less harmful to the world we live in. This is no easy feat considering the sheer number of people on the planet consuming these resources. That’s why you combine your knowledge of the economy with technological advances to find solutions that benefit the environment.

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