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Industrial Designer

Make products both functional and safe for consumers.

What does an Industrial Designer do?

Industrial designers are responsible for making physical objects both beautiful and functional. This is a huge field, and industrial designers are behind almost every manufactured product.

Because the range of items is so broad—it includes everything from cars to furniture to MP3’s—you generally choose a specific area to specialize in. Within the form/function spectrum you need to consider the style, quality, and safety of an object. Day-to-day tasks could involve testing consumers to see how they use products, working with engineers to understand how microchips need to connect with each other, or pitching a few designs to your team to see if they have suggestions.

You also need to think of the issues that go beyond how something looks and works. If it is a toy car, is there a danger of a baby swallowing it? If it is a medicine, can you child-proof the top?

So as an industrial designer, it is your job to give form to concepts. This requires a blend of art, engineering, imagination, and business skills, and the finished result is an object that fits into its future surroundings.