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Indoor Skydiving Coach

Help students fly in an indoor wind tunnel.

What does an Indoor Skydiving Coach do?

An Indoor Skydiving Coach prepares indoor skydivers before, and supervises and coaches them during, their indoor skydiving sessions — which are called flight rotations and typically last two to three minutes each. A safer alternative to outdoor skydiving, indoor skydiving requires no plane, no parachute, not even any jumping. Instead, it takes place in an indoor vertical wind tunnel, where you lean forward into a blast of 120-mile-per-hour wind that catapults you upward toward the ceiling.

In other words, indoor skydiving offers all the taste of an adventure sport, but none of the risk. As an Indoor Skydiving Coach, therefore, you’re the recreational equivalent of a Nutritionist, helping people make healthy choices that maximize safety without sacrificing fun.

After all, Americans love to diet. When they do, they eat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream, margarine instead of butter, wheat bread instead of white, and ground turkey instead of ground beef. The goal: They want all the flavor of their favorite foods, but none of the fat. Thrill-seekers can also go on a “recreation” diet, in which case the goal isn’t avoiding fat, but avoiding fatalities.

Like a regular Skydiving Instructor, you spend at least part of your days as an Indoor Skydiving Coach in a classroom, where you teach indoor skydivers the hand signals, body positioning, and flight techniques that are used during indoor (and for that matter, outdoor) skydiving. Most of your time, however, is spent in the wind tunnel, where you provide one-on-one coaching and instruction during your students’ flight rotations. Even though it’s skydiving “lite,” therefore, you still spend most of your time flying!