Incinerator Operator I

Tend incinerator furnaces that burn refuse, such as sludge and garbage.

What does an Incinerator Operator I do?

Tends one or more incinerator furnaces that burn refuse, such as sludge, trash, and garbage: Pulls mechanism to release refuse from hopper into incinerator. Moves levers to ignite burners, to adjust blowers and dampers that regulate airflow and temperature, and to control charging, discharging, and quenching mechanisms of furnace. Opens furnace door and agitates burning refuse to facilitate combustion, using stoking hoe. Moves levers to open grate and drop ashes and noncombustible material from furnace at end of burning cycle. Replaces refractory linings of furnace, using firebrick and mortar. Cleans debris from furnace room floor, using rake and broom. May assist SUPERVISOR, INCINERATOR PLANT 955.131-010 in maintenance and repair of cranes, conveyor equipment, and exhaust system, using handtools.