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Mastermind theater productions.

What does an Impresario do?

Although hunting and theatre have nothing in common, Impresarios are essentially the scent hounds of the stage. Just as scent hounds use their strong sense of smell to track game, Impresarios use their knowledge of the arts and their passion for performance to locate and launch — or “sniff out” — new talent.

When you’re an Impresario, you’re part Artist, part investor. An Entrepreneur of the performing arts, you’re a benefactor who organizes and finances concerts, plays, or operas.

The original Impresarios — “Impresario” comes from the Italian word “impresa,” meaning “an enterprise or undertaking” — worked in Italy during the 18th century. They were commissioned by theatre owners to find and hire Composers of original operas, for which they also had to assemble costumes, sets, orchestras, and Opera Singers, often at their own financial risk.

As their descendant, you’re a lot like the Italian originals, using your own money to find and fund artistic endeavors. Essentially, you’re a Producer, but with a fancier title that you’ve earned by being a mogul, or a sort of “Super Producer.”

In fact, because it denotes a certain level of success, your title has been co-opted by those in many other industries. “Impresario,” for instance, has been used in the past to describe Museum Curators, Event Planners, and even Scientists, the common denominator being that it’s a title reserved for tycoons who orchestrate and enable events, trends, and discoveries.