Impregnating Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines to saturate wire-reinforced paper.

What does an Impregnating Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine to saturate wire-reinforced paper, used as plaster lath, with oil, wax, or asphalt: Loads wire-reinforced paper roll onto unreeling stand, using power hoist or crane. Threads paper through saturating rolls of machine and drier rollers and attaches end of paper to rewinding reel. Fills machine tank with saturating liquid, using monorail crane. Adjusts valves of gas burners and turns setscrews to regulate steam pressure, temperature, and flow of impregnating liquid. Starts machine and regulates pressure of saturating roll, rumbler rolls, speed of machine feed, and tension of rewinder, using handtools. Removes treated paper roll from rewinder, using power hoist. Seals paper roll, using gummed tape.