Bring in products from other countries to sell at home.

What does an Importer do?

Items made in other countries are attractive to American shoppers. Perhaps those items are cheaper or more exotic, or perhaps they’re simply not available from American manufacturers. An Importer bridges the gap between the buyer and the manufacturer. As an Importer, you find those perfect items and sell them here, while taking a tidy cut of the profits in return.

In order to find the right product, an Importer reads sales reports and trade manuals, determining who are buying and what they’re looking for. If you’re lucky, you might spot a trend no one has jumped on quite yet. Lamps made of yak toenail clippings just might be a huge hit this year.

Then, you head to a foreign country and look for people who make those products. During your visits, you examine the products each merchant is offering, and determine how much they want to sell the items for. A visit to the merchant’s factory or warehouse might be in order so you can make sure they have the capacity to produce the items in large quantities.

Once you’re home, you meet with buyers and American merchants, showing off the lovely sample you hold in your hands. The merchant might give a price they’re willing to pay for the item, and you might counter with a price of your own.

When you’ve settled on a price, you draw up a contract between you and the manufacturer, and between you and the merchant. You might also hire an expert to ship the completed items from the other country and handle the taxes for you.