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Implementation Consultant



Manage projects for companies undergoing wide-scale changes.

Salary Range

$69,139 - $93,500

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does an Implementation Consultant do?

An Implementation Consultant does the “heavy lifting” for companies that need help with special projects. These projects are often too big for them to handle alone — for instance, they must be executed on a companywide scale. Just as some people hire House Movers to move a sectional sofa up two flights of stairs, or Caterers to cook a meal for a hundred people, companies hire Implementation Consultants to assist with those special projects.

The project could be implementing a new piece of software, which requires installing it on the company’s computers, configuring it for the company’s goals and preferences, and training the company’s staff to use it. It could be helping a company implement policies and procedures in response to new government regulations, which requires studying the regulations, analyzing the company’s existing systems, and then making the necessary adjustments to achieve compliance. Or, it could be implementing a new organizational structure, which involves optimizing and organizing the staff and other resources in pursuit of increased efficiency.

Whatever the project, it’s your job as an Implementation Consultant to be the Project Manager. You typically start by meeting with company personnel and observing company operations. You then identify problems and propose solutions. Finally, you coordinate the application and integration of new policies, processes, procedures, or products.

At the end of the day, therefore, you’re the corporate equivalent of a Horse Trainer: You’re paid to crack the proverbial whip in order to help companies work better and smarter!

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