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Immigration Lawyer



Guide clients through the visa application process.

What does an Immigration Lawyer do?

An Immigration Lawyer specializes in working with clients wishing to work, live, or move from one country to another. As an Immigration Lawyer, you are an expert in international and domestic citizenship laws. With this knowledge, you assist immigrants in filing the proper paperwork to receive visas, work passes, or asylum.

Work, extended travel, and family all inspire people to spend time in another country. Each country differs in how they treat this process. For an immigrant to work in the United States, he or she needs a work visa. A student from China needs a student visa in order to attend college. As an Immigration Lawyer, you facilitate the applications (preferably before coming to the country) and assist again if the visas come up for renewal.

In addition to these tasks, you represent immigrants with legal charges against them, such as invalid work permits or expired visas. Your job is to work within the limits of the law to aid them in the process. To do this, you gather the required information, complete and submit forms, and represent the client in court as needed.

In addition to individuals and families hoping to immigrate, you could work for businesses that move into or out of the country. You research immigration laws at the corporate level and help streamline the moving process.

In all areas of this field, you must have a finely tuned understanding of immigration law, the ability to work with a variety of people, and strong communication skills for both your clients and the courts.

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