Imaging Clerk

Digitize physical documents and organize all digital records.

What does an Imaging Clerk do?

Like a File Clerk position, an Imaging Clerk position is one of those pretty basic office jobs you can find in almost any organization. Your main responsibility as an Imaging Clerk is to take paper documents and turn them into computer files. You do this by scanning the documents into a database, and then organizing the database so you and others can easily find the images later.

As an Imaging Clerk, you take care of all parts of the process of moving a document from paper to image. You gather and organize the paper files to be scanned, prepare the machine, and then put the necessary documents through the scanner. After an image has been loaded, you make sure to properly label and organize it on the database.

When you finish, you let your customer, whether that’s an internal or external one, know that their job has been completed. If there are unique specifications (say, a document needs to be resized or entered in a specific manner), you’re the one who figures out how to make that happen.

Since you’ll be handling lots of different documents, both in paper form and online, you should have really strong organizational skills. You also need the ability to work well under pressure as, occasionally, you can get a lot of assignments at once, and everyone thinks theirs should be the priority. Besides these two skills, the only other requirements are basic math and computer skills. Everything else will be taught on the job.