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Image Scientist

Conduct research to advance imaging technology.

What does an Image Scientist do?

This is a highly technical position which calls for an analytical personality and a heavy science background. As an Image Scientist, you can work in a number of different fields, from medical to government, including NASA. Your main duties, regardless of your field, are providing research support, collecting images, and investigating product image errors.

You often work with highly technical systems, equipment, and programs-including radar, spectral, and infrared-which call for specialized qualifications. In addition to this, many companies would like their Image Scientists to also have a firm grasp on basic interpersonal and computer skills. You have to be able to communicate well, both orally and in writing, and be proficient in basic computer programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Powerpoint, Word, Access, and Excel.

While you spend the majority of your time tucked away in a lab, you may be required to travel or give presentations as part of your position. So keep that in mind if you’re the type who’d rather be left alone to do your research all day.

Depending on the company you work with, you may be required to have additional specialties. For example, if you’re an Image Scientist within the medical field, you may have to have experience with MRI data processing specifically, and not just the garden-variety programs that all Image Scientists have a firm grasp on.

If you’re a highly analytical individual with strong mathematical and computer science skills, a job as an Image Scientist may be right up your alley.