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Image Consultant



Advise clients on how to look good.

What does an Image Consultant do?

Everyone’s heard the phrase. It’s good advice to follow. In fact, as an Image Consultant, you base your entire business on this idea. In this job, you work with clients to improve their overall look and image, or help them create a brand new one.

There are two areas of image consulting. You might be a Personal Image Consultant or a Corporate Image Consultant. You could offer services in both, but most Image Consultants tend to specialize in one. Personal Image Consultants are more concerned with individuals, while Corporate Image Consultants work with entire groups of employees.

The work you do mainly focuses on the outward image of a person. After all, the idea behind this line of work is that what a person wears and how they look speak volumes about their abilities. The more polished and competent one appears, the easier it’ll be for them to find a job, get a date, or simply approach life in a more confident way. To help a client out, you provide suggestions on clothing, letting them know everything from the best colors for their complexion to the types of fit that work best for their shape. You may also help them understand what clothes are appropriate for different situations, like casual drinks with business partners or dinner with their significant other’s parents.

In addition to giving advice on clothes, you guide clients toward improving the way they carry themselves in social and business situations. For this task, you might work on etiquette, communication styles, or projecting more confidence. Regardless of whether your focused on the clothes or the attitude, your work helps people make the right impression.

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