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Create images and pictures to enrich stories.

What does an Illustrator do?

An illustrator creates images that ease and deepen our understanding of a concept or story. Though people generally think of drawings as created by hand, the use of 2D animation on computers is commonplace in the field. Whether you are working on the computer or by hand, to be an illustrator you need the artistic aptitude to visualize and create pictures.

As an illustrator you can work in many different industries. You can illustrate books, design logos, storyboard for films, or work on medical textbooks. In fact, it is hard to imagine where illustration is not useful: A visual image registers with our brain differently than hearing or reading and is therefore useful in helping people understand ideas.

Just as writers manipulate the nuances of tones and sentence structure to get their point across, illustrators manipulate shape and color. In both forms, the artists use their techniques to shape how you perceive their message.

Your daily tasks could include meeting with clients, brainstorming and sketching out ideas, or hunching over a table as you throw away piece upon piece of paper. And if you, like many illustrators, choose to go the freelance path, you need to organize your time and schedule so that you can take care of the business side of your work as well.

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