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Illustration Professor

Teach university students about illustration.

What does an Illustration Professor do?

Words can speak to the ear, revealing how the Writer talks and thinks. But a well-crafted picture can speak directly to the heart, crossing barriers of language and time. Those images only work, however, if they’re drawn properly.

That’s where an Illustration Professor can help. At a college or university, an Illustration Professor teaches students how to craft powerful pictures.

As an Illustration Professor, you deal with students who already understand the fundamentals of drawing. Teaching them how to hold a pen or wield a brush is likely not necessary, but helping them to use shading and perspective is an important part of your work.

To teach your students, you lecture on the history of illustration, providing examples from Graphic Designers, Artists, and Illustrators. In your lectures, you highlight what works well and how it’s done, and then you assign projects so your students can test their skill.

While ultimately, you’re the one to provide the final critique in the form of a grade, you allow your students to discuss the work their peers turn in. These group sessions can make some students nervous, but you’re always ready to jump in if someone becomes snide or catty.

When you’re not in the classroom, you do research in the field of illustration. Sometimes, you study old works, looking for hidden meanings no one has found before. Other times, you take a long view and determine how the industry has changed over the years.

Once your research is complete, you write formal reports and submit them to art journals for publication. If your idea is big enough, you write an entire book.