Ignition Mechanic

Replace spark-plugs, senors and coils to keep cars turning-over.

What does an Ignition Mechanic do?

There are well over 10 little pieces that must work in perfect harmony for a car to burst into life when the key is turned. While a minor adjustment problem could keep the car from burning fuel efficiently, a major malfunction could keep the car from starting at all. An Ignition Mechanic is an expert at finding problems large and small in the ignition system.

As an Ignition Mechanic, you confine your work to problems within the ignition system. While engine and gas line problems could also cause a car to malfunction and fail to start, these fall outside your purview as an Ignition Mechanic. If you spot these problems during the course of your work, you suggest a reliable Mechanic to the car’s owner. Tossing work to your buddies is acceptable, as long as you’re sure that they’re capable of doing a quality job.

At the beginning of a repair project, you ask the owner to describe the car’s problem, and you try to recreate the problem yourself. Some cars contain sophisticated computer systems, in which case you can attach a machine to the car and just download an error report that details what’s broken. Older cars aren’t so fancy, so you may need to dig around in the engine until you find the problem.

When you’ve identified the issue, you begin to make repairs. Replacing spark plugs, sensors, and coils commonly fixes most problems, but sometimes, you need to replace the entire system in order to get good results. Automobile Technicians may help you handle some of the more tedious details of a major repair.