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Icing Mixer

Tend equipment that mix ingredients for icing or filling bakery products.

What does an Icing Mixer do?

Tends equipment that mixes ingredients for icing or filling bakery products: Weighs and measures ingredients, such as sugar, chocolate, food coloring, and pulped or ground fruit or nuts, according to recipe. Dumps ingredients into mixing bowl. Selects and installs beater arms in mixing machine, using wrench. Turns dials and pushes buttons to set mixing time, temperature, and speed to start machine. Pours measured amount of water from container into mixing bowl, and adds additional ingredients, as necessary, during mixing cycle to ensure that icing or filling meets company standards. Observes and feels texture of mix to determine when desired consistency has been obtained. May cook some types of icings or fillings in steam-jacketed kettles. May mix meringue for pie topping. May be designated according to product mixed or cooked as Cooker, Pie Filling; Fruit Mixer; Pie-Filling Mixer.