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Icicle Machine Operator

Operate machines to form, fill, and seal tube-like cellophane containers.

What does an Icicle Machine Operator do?

Operates machine to form, fill, and seal tubelike cellophane container with flavored sweet water to make icicle: Adds flavor extract to sweet water in tank according to formula. Connects hose lines from tank to icicle machine. Mounts roll of cellophane on spindle of machine and threads end of cellophane through guide rollers into feed mechanism. Adjusts spindle counterweights to regulate tension on cellophane. Starts machine and turns valves to admit sweet water into spout of machine. Turns on heating element that fuses seams of cellophane. Moves levers to control flow of icicle fluid into machine. Removes packaged icicles from discharge end of machine. Places icicles into containers and places containers on conveyor.