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Ice Skating Rink Manager



Make an ice skating rink not just a fun place but also a profitable biz.

What does an Ice Skating Rink Manager do?

An Ice Skating Rink Manager is in charge of running the perfect venue for a treasured winter pastime. If you’ve ever been to an ice skating rink, you know that winter isn’t all bad, even if it’s marred by perpetual cold, darkness, and snow. Even on the most blustery days, an ice skating rink can turn the calloused cold into warm memories with friends and loved ones.

As an Ice Skating Rink Manager, you’re the custodian of those memories. Employed by the owner of a rink or a third-party venue management firm, you’re a lot like the Managers of other businesses – for instance, retail stores and restaurants. That’s because an Ice Skating Rink Manager has simultaneous responsibility for finances, personnel, operations, facilities, and marketing.

Indeed, just like the Managers of most businesses, your typical duties include keeping track of finances and assets, as well as hiring, training, and supervising employees. You also oversee daily business operations, and monitor and authorize business purchases. In addition, you maintain facilities, grounds, and equipment, while developing, supporting, and supervising services and programs.

You’re in charge of marketing and promotions as well. And on top of that, you lead customer service efforts, and serve as a community Representative, a business leader, and a media Spokesperson.

Of course, ice skating rinks have their own demands. For instance, you have to ensure the safety and instruction of skaters. You also have to schedule ice time for the public, professional Ice Skaters, hockey teams, etc. In addition, you have to maintain the ice, which must be kept at the correct temperature, thickness, and texture. Along with typical management responsibilities, therefore, it’s your job to manage these and other frosty challenges in a way that minimizes costs and maximizes profitability, making you King or Queen of your very own winter wonderland!

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