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Ice Skating Coach



Show skaters how to glide effortlessly and stop safely on the ice.

What does an Ice Skating Coach do?

Based on the number of young kids dressed up as ice skating queens for Halloween, the desire to twirl on skates in a sparkly outfit is pretty much universal. As an Ice Skating Coach, you get to work with ice-loving Athlete of all ages, teaching them everything about the sport from the basic to the advanced.

Just like a Rock Climbing Instructor, the level of skill that an Ice Skating Coach handles can really vary. If you make it to the top levels of this sport, you might work with a Professional Athlete or one competing in the Olympics. However, you can also work with lower skill levels like college or high school Athletes, or those just looking to recreationally skate. No matter whom you work with, though, your job as an Ice Skating Coach is to teach and encourage your students to improve their skill level.

Depending on where you work and the type of connections you have, you might lead group classes or work one-on-one with students. Group classes are for beginners, and are found at places like community centers or ice skating rinks. Once your students are good enough or invested enough, you can then start holding private lessons.

In class, you take stock of each student’s skill level, and then create specific exercises that will help them improve. For some students, speed might be a problem, while others might have an issue getting enough spin for their jumps. If your students are competing, you can create routines, connect them with sponsors, or serve as their point of contact for Judges.

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