Ice Maker

Tend refrigerating equipment that freeze water into ice.

What does an Ice Maker do?

Tends refrigerating equipment that freezes water into ice, performing any combination of following tasks: Opens valves to fill containers with specified amounts of water, and lowers containers into freezing tanks, using hoist. Inserts air bubbler into containers and starts agitator in freezing tank to ensure uniform freezing. Siphons or pumps water containing foreign matter from centers of partially frozen ice blocks, using suction pump, and refills container with fresh water. Flushes surfaces of ice blocks with hose. Removes container from tank, using hoist, and immerses it in warm water or places it in steam bath to free ice from container sides. Positions cans on dumping pivot and pushes buttons to tilt pivot and dump ice onto conveyor or platform. Adds prescribed amounts of materials into mixing vats and starts agitator to mix brine solution for freezing tanks. May turn valves to regulate compressors and condensers. When performing specific duty, may be known as Can Filler; Dumper; Ice Puller.