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Ice Hockey Coach



Teach hockey players to skate, shoot, and work as a team.

What does an Ice Hockey Coach do?

In really, really basic terms, ice hockey is a sport where teams of Players ice skate around, attempting to put a puck in the back of a small goal. It’s also the official national sport of Canada and the inspiration for the tearjerking movie Miracle, and it often looks like a boxing match on ice. As an Ice Hockey Coach for a professional team, you work with Professional Athletes to improve their skills and the overall ability of the team.

As with most professional sports teams, there are more than a few types of Ice Hockey Coach on a team’s coaching staff. Depending on your interest and experience, you can be a Head Coach, a Strength and Conditioning Coach, or a Skills Coach. Each role has different day-to-day responsibilities, but ultimately, your goal is to do all you can to ensure that your team wins.

Coaching is divided up into different areas: practice, games, off season, and off the ice. During practice, you focus on developing your Players’ skills in the areas you see as their biggest weaknesses. You can find yourself running practice sessions devoted to improving speed, shooting ability, team communication, or general skating.

Practice can start off the ice with strategy talks for an upcoming game, and end with Players practicing new moves or plays. Motivation and instruction are also big parts of your role as an Ice Hockey Coach during both practice and game time.

When not pushing your Players on the ice, you make sure your team is working at its full capacity. You help recruit new Players based on team needs, either by observing them yourself or by working with a Professional Sports Scout. You also hire new administrative staff, give press conferences, and ensure that everything — from ordering uniforms to arranging travel plans — is taken care of.

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