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Ice Cream Maker

Research and mix-up new flavors of ice cream.

What does an Ice Cream Maker do?

Here’s the scoop on an Ice Cream Maker’s job: It’s a pretty sweet gig. When you’re an Ice Cream Maker, people scream as they see you coming and every day has a cherry on top. Bad puns aside, Ice Cream Makers do have fun jobs, though they also do a lot of hard work.

A big part of your job is making new flavors. You start by doing market research to find out what people want and what sells best. For example vanilla is the number one flavor sold in the U.S, but you can’t remake that so instead you’d try and find a way to create the next best thing. Maybe this means you use better tasting vanilla beans for a richer flavor or you could go the complete opposite direction and try and create something brand new. There’s a lot of ice cream flavors out there so you’ll need to be creative to find one that will make you company stand out as something special.

Once you come up with a combination you think will fly off of shelves you make a prototype to get the higher ups on board with your vision.

To do all this you’re only going to need to have an understanding of how to make ice cream, a feel for what flavors work well together, and some serious communication skills. Be able to talk to people to find out what they really want and then able to sell that vision to those who control production.