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Keep clients smooth by removing unwanted hair.

What does a Hypertrichologist do?

Even the bearded lady knew that unwanted hair isn’t cool. Women spend countless hours and tons of dough to make sure eyebrows end where they should and nothing peeks out of a bikini bottom. A Hypertrichologist is a Technician who helps women go hair-free permanently. As a Hypertrichologist, you carry out electrolysis, a hair removal system where electrical currents go through the hair follicle into the cell, destroying its ability to regrow hair.

Electrolysis can be done on any part of the body, from the face to the underarms to the bikini line. As a Hypertrichologist, you shouldn’t be shy about being around the human body, since each session lasts about 45 minutes, during which time you get up close and personal with your clients and their different parts. Clients go through multiple sessions before they are completely hair-free, so expect to see them a few times a week for about three to five months, depending on where they’re cleaning up.

Each session begins with a consultation. During this consultation, your client lets you know what they want done, and you explain how long it will take and what they can expect from the procedure. Then you start the electrolysis by cleaning the skin with an antiseptic and, sometimes, applying a numbing agent (this is one of those beauty routines that subscribe to the idea that beauty is pain, literally). After you zap the hair with electricity, you tweeze out the loosened lock and send your client on their way.