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Hyperbaric Technician

Deliver oxygen treatments inside the hyperbaric chamber.

What does a Hyperbaric Technician do?

As a Hyperbaric Technician, you administer hyperbaric oxygen treatments to patients in need of their unique health benefits. Along the way, you keep excellent records of these treatments, and communicate with the other members of each patient’s care team.

Throughout the entire process, you do everything you can to make the patient feel at ease. That’s because the technology is something that many people are still unfamiliar with, and it’s often called for only in critical situations. Helping a patient feel at ease inside the hyperbaric chamber is part of the healing journey.

As a Hyperbaric Technician, you have a unique opportunity to administer cutting-edge medical treatments that few people can. Expect to be a member of a small crew at your hospital, working a standard 40-hour workweek. But be ready for overtime during emergencies, “on call” periods, or staffing shortages. Team players only — all others need not apply.

As a Hyperbaric Technician, you also have to be creative and dynamic. One day, you could be assisting a team of Doctors with a skin graft patient, then the next, you could be educating a group of trainees or medical students about hyperbaric medicine.

Additionally, you need a good eye for detail and recordkeeping. Monitoring patient progress is vital to keeping the medical team informed, and excellent records of the chamber’s performance and maintenance schedule are vital to keeping the department up and running. Hyperbaric Technicians are charged with caring for both patients and machines. Only one of these is irreplaceable, though.