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Hydroponics Grower

Grow plants in soilless mediums.

What does a Hydroponics Grower do?

Mother Nature does an amazing job of providing the proper amount of light, water, and nutrients for plants to grow. A Hydroponics Grower takes the responsibility out of her hands. That’s because as a Hydroponics Grower, you use natural and artificial light, watering systems, and your vast knowledge of plants to grow them without soil. These plants might be herbs, flowers for mass production, or rare, specialty plants.

Setting up hydroponic systems can be expensive, so Hydroponics Growers need to carefully monitor and maintain the equipment. In addition, you need to be vigilant about the amount of nutrients, water, aeration, and light you offer to each plant. Hydroponic farming reduces the risk of pest diseases, but plants can still succumb to bacterial problems that, if untreated, could ruin a crop. If you lose a crop, it could put you out of business. This all means that the plants need constant monitoring.

The type and size of grow farm vary depending on your goals for the product. You could grow a few small plants in a room of your house for your own needs, to share with friends, or to sell locally. As a small-scale Grower, you might grow a group of hard-to-find plants that you nurture to maturity before selling for a profit. You could also work in a co-op, sharing responsibilities (and products) with a group of other Growers. As a large-scale Grower, on the other hand, you work at a facility that mass-produces plants, generally for sale to nurseries or the public.