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Hydroelectric Production Manager

Look after the processes, equipment, and workers of a hydroelectric plant.

What does a Hydroelectric Production Manager do?

Hydroelectric power is one of many resources that we tap into to provide energy to our houses, businesses, community buildings, and parks. The overall process is simple: Water turns a turbine, the turbine powers a generator, the generator transforms the energy into an electrical current, and that current runs through the power lines. Although the technique is basic, there are many components to getting the job done. As a Hydroelectric Production Manager, you’re in charge of the people, resources, and output of the entire plant.

It takes a group of skilled workers to operate, repair, and maintain the equipment and computer software required for such an operation. And it’s your job as the Hydroelectric Production Manager to make sure they all do their job. That means you interview, hire, evaluate, train, supervise, and, if necessary, fire employees. You manage their schedules, process vacation requests, and make sure they get paid.

Next to employees, the equipment is the Hydroelectric Production Manager’s most valuable resource. Having a valve blow out or a turbine freeze is detrimental to the operation, and to your bottom line. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you see to it that inspections are completed on time, repairs are done in a timely and safe manner, and maintenance is kept up to date and recorded.

While you oversee the day-to-day operations of the plant, you also have upper management and governmental officials to answer to. So you make sure you reach your output goals, maintain a safe work environment, and keep your operating costs within budget.