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Hydroelectric Plant Electrician



Handle installation and maintenance of wires in hydro-generators.

What does a Hydroelectric Plant Electrician do?

Turning water into energy is one of many modern marvels. The vast amount of technology, equipment, and space required to handle such a feat is impressive on any scale. In order to keep the system running smoothly, Plant Operators rely on a variety of skilled workers, one of whom is the Hydroelectric Plant Electrician. As a Hydroelectric Plant Electrician, you make sure the electrical components of all the systems are properly installed, repaired, and maintained.

That’s no easy task, as it requires special knowledge of both electricity and hydroelectric power. After all, production time is money, so any downtime for the machines comes out of the bottom line. To avoid that, the Hydroelectric Plant Electrician frequently tests and inspects the equipment in the plant. You look for frayed or loose wires, broken connections, and other problems on motors, generators, turbines, and switchboards.

When preventative maintenance doesn’t prevent a breakdown, you’re the one who gets the call. With toolbox in hand, you’re quick to diagnose the problem. You order parts, solder together disconnected wires, replace motors or switches, and reconfigure overloaded circuits.

To keep up with the competition, improve efficiency, and save money, you keep up to date with industry changes and make recommendations that could help the company meet its goals. You might update electrical systems, upgrade generators, or replace dated wiring. Whatever the day holds, you take credit for keeping the water pumping in and the power pumping out.

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