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Hydro-Sprayer Operator

Operate truck-mounted hydro-sprayers to disperse seeds or fertilizers.

What does a Hydro-Sprayer Operator do?

Operates truck-mounted hydro-sprayer to cover areas, such as highway median strip, hillsides and fields with mixture of grass seed, fertilizer and mulch according to specifications: Pumps water and dumps seed, fertilizer, and wood fiber into hydro-sprayer tank according to formula. Connects hoses and nozzles, selected according to terrain and distribution pattern requirements, using pressure couplings and threaded fittings. Starts motors and engages machinery, such as hydro-sprayer agitator and pump. Lifts, pushes, and swings nozzle, hose, and tube to direct spray over designated area. Covers area to specified depth, applying knowledge of weather conditions, such as humidity and wind velocity; machinery capacities, such as droplet size and elevation-to-distance ratio; and obstructions, such as trees and buildings. Gives driving instructions to truck driver, using hand and horn signals, to ensure complete coverage of designated area. Cleans and services machinery to ensure operating efficiency, using water, gasoline, lubricants, and handtools. Occasionally plants grass with seed spreader and operates straw blower to cover seeded area with asphalt and straw mixture.