Hydro-Pneumatic Tester

Test boilers, tanks, pipes, and similar objects to detect and locate leaks.

What does a Hydro-Pneumatic Tester do?

Tests boilers, tanks, fittings, pipes, and similar objects to detect and locate leaks, using compressed air or water pressure: Installs fittings on object to seal outlets and connects object to high-pressure air or water line, using handtools. Activates air compressor or water pump until gauge registers specified internal pressure. Observes gauge for loss of pressure indicative of leaks, and examines object for escaping air or water to detect leaks. Marks object at source of leaks for subsequent repair. May apply soap solution to surface of object or immerse object to facilitate location of air leaks. May test object under high pressure to ensure compliance with product safety ratings. May be designated according to type of test used as Hydrostatic Tester; Pneumatic Tester.