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Hydraulic Spinner

Set up and operate spinning lathes.

What does a Hydraulic Spinner do?

Sets up and operates spinning lathe equipped with hydraulically controlled forming tools to spin shaped articles from sheet or plate metal, compiling specifications from blueprints and knowledge of physical properties of metal: Lifts specified spinning chuck to machine spindle, manually or with power hoist, and bolts chuck in place, using handtools or power tools. Clamps metal disk to spinning chuck. Starts machine and coats rotating disk with spinning compound. Turns valve to set pressure applied to disk according to type of metal, shape of spinning chuck, speed of lathe, and thickness of metal disk. Moves feed pump levers that hydraulically control pressure applied by forming tool, reads pressure gauges to determine amount of pressure applied, and guides tool against disk to form disk over and into shape of spinning chuck. Resets position of forming tool on steady rest to form disk into shape. Replaces forming tool with cutting tool to trim excess metal from shaped part. Verifies dimension of finished article with verniers.