Hydraulic Rubbish Compactor Mechanic

Install and repair hydraulic rubbish compactors, using tools and equipment.

What does a Hydraulic Rubbish Compactor Mechanic do?

Installs and repairs hydraulic rubbish compactors, using tools and equipment: Installs new compactors, utilizing knowledge of electrical wiring and hydraulic-pneumatic functions and using handtools and power tools. Diagnoses hydraulic and mechanical malfunctions of compactors to determine required repairs. Adjusts, replaces, or repairs faulty hydraulic units, such as pistons, cylinders, and conveyors. Installs or replaces damaged shafts, guards, casings, and metal frame of compactor units, using electric welding, brazing, or soldering equipment and tools. Diagnoses electrical-electronic system malfunction, and replaces or repairs parts, such as electric motors, switches, and starting and stopping units, using knowledge of wiring, wiring diagrams, voltage systems, and electric-electronic components. Loads compactors and parts onto truck, using forklift.