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Hydraulic Press Operator

Operate horizontal arbor presses.

What does a Hydraulic Press Operator do?

Operates horizontal arbor press to disassemble and assemble press-fitted crawler track links for construction equipment, such as cranes, power shovels, and tractors: Hooks hoist line in sling and directs other workers engaged in placing and removing crawler tracks on conveyor. Removes or tightens bolts fastening track pads to track links, using pneumatic or electric impact wrench. Examines chart to select specified insert jaws and disassembly and assembly rams. Inserts rams in press sockets, using wrench. Moves levers to position track over insert jaws, and to advance or retract rams that press pins and bushing into sockets on track links. Directs other workers engaged in removing or positioning track pads, track links, pins, and bushings in press insert jaws. Operates press to disassemble and reassemble track, and to replace worn or damaged pins and bushings.