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Humidifier Operator

Control humidifier units and auxiliary equipment.

What does a Humidifier Operator do?

Controls humidifier unit and auxiliary equipment to impart specified moisture content to pressed hardboard sheets or panels: Starts hydraulic elevator to position humidifier car at discharge end of press that forms hardboard and deposits formed sheets or panels in rack of car. Pushes loaded car to humidifier unit and starts hydraulic ram to transfer car to humidifier. Observes gauges, opens valves, and moves controls to regulate moisture, heat, and pressure in humidifier to impart specified moisture content to board. Starts elevator to lower car, automatically ejected from humidifier, to unload and transfer board for tempering. Inspects board for watermarks, scratches, and similar imperfections and rejects substandard units. Removes screens from forming press used to support wet pulp mats for pressing into hardboard. Examines screens for damage and marks faulty screens for repair or disposal. Records number of boards processed and rejected. Labels each lot of hardboard passing inspection to facilitate further processing.