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Human Rights Lawyer

Uphold the rights of people who have been treated inhumanely.

What does a Human Rights Lawyer do?

A Human Rights Lawyer is a driven individual who works tirelessly to paint a picture, using solid evidence, that proves to a jury that an act of abuse has occurred against an individual or group of people. Child labor, unfair wages, unsafe working conditions, and many other issues fall into the human rights category. As a Human Rights Lawyer, you stand up for those who don’t have the resources to stand up for themselves.

The vast majority of a Human Rights Lawyer’s time is spent reviewing laws, both national and international, and rereading the facts of the case at hand. Evidence collection involves interviewing witnesses, looking through past court rulings on similar cases, and searching through books and databases of current laws to find which ones the guilty party has violated. For some cases, you might talk with news channels to raise media awareness about the inhumane actions of the organizations you’re up against.

On your day in court, you proceed like any other Lawyer. You ask questions, argue your points, and persuade the jury through hard evidence and an appeal to human emotions. One day, you might be defending a client against false charges, and the next, you’re bringing an action against a company for its intolerable actions.

When people are mistreated, you focus a spotlight on their plight to show others what’s happening and encourage them to make it right. Without your help, children forced to work in factories or a single mother being mistreated and underpaid at her job would simply slip through the cracks without seeing justice served.