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Human Resources Consultant



Provide advice to companies on hiring and firing matters.

What does a Human Resources Consultant do?

Experience in human resources and a desire to own your own business make the perfect combination for a Human Resources Consultant career. Providing direction and oversight on hiring and personnel issues for businesses is what you do as a Human Resources Consultant. Some companies are too small to employ a full-time Human Resources Manager, but they still need help. That’s where you come in.

As a Human Resources Consultant, you give business owners the benefit of your talent, and they give you the benefit of a paycheck. Typically, this is a contract or hourly position, meaning you don’t get paid unless you work. So, if you aren’t comfortable with leaving a steady paycheck behind, this probably isn’t the best fit for you.

You provide support in the hiring process, from the initial resume gathering and interviewing to making the job offer. Companies rely on your expertise and knowledge of human resources to guide their decision-making process on new employees. Being perceptive to human behaviors helps tremendously, since you will have to see through the pleasantries and get to the “real” person.

When things turn sour and an employee is fired, you’re called in as well. Providing direction on the procedures to follow, you aid in avoiding unpleasant outcomes for the company. For instance, if the owner of a union plumbing business wants to fire Fred the Plumber, you make sure Fred does not have grounds for a lawsuit. If Fred does, however, have grounds to sue, you advise your client on steps to take to avoid legal action.

A thick skin and confidence are essential for this position. Everyone likes to hear, “You got the job!” but nobody wants to receive bad news. Be prepared for confrontation, especially since most clients hire you for the dirty work they don’t want to do themselves.

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